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February 26 2014


Best Healthy Eating Plan for Weight loss

Being overweight or obese doesn't only place a person at risk from developing diseases like diabetes, respiratory diseases, cancer, osteoarthritis and cardiovascular diseases but it could also affect one's emotional and social life. Americans are more concerned with weight than ever before yet obesity statistics show more Americans are overweight or obese today than ever before. Losing weight is a tough challenge; Moreover, green tea and weight loss are linked together.

Diet is a very important key to weight loss, especially rapid weight loss. Giving up high-carbohydrate foods, refined sugars and high-fat foods is essential in any weight-loss regimen, but is essential if you want to lose weight quickly.

And if you want to lose weight, you may go with low- carb diet which contains 25-39% carb. If you respect and accept your body, you may lose weight naturally. Moreover, adequate level of water in the body, also keeps energy levels of the body high. Keeping your self-esteem healthy can help you lose weight without dieting.

Author is an online researcher on natural weight loss. Click read more on weight loss tips, how to lose belly fat.

Your Guide to Paleo Sebastien Noel 


Best Bodybuilding Cutting Diet - Foods and Tips

It is important to have a bodybuilding cutting diet to lose fat and have a more ripped and well defined body. However a lot of people find it too hard to cut fat, as bodybuilding cutting diet in their mind seems extremely boring and too hard to complete. A bodybuilding cutting diet can be very fun if you know what kind of foods you have to eat to cut fat and lose weight. Foods in a Bodybuilding Cutting Diet Before starting out on what foods to include in your bodybuilding cutting diet, you should include about 6 meals a day and depending on how low a calorie consumption you are targeting, you should adjust the amount in each meal accordingly. -Bodybuilding Cutting Diet – 4th Food: Eggs are also a good source of protein and as with the fish, eggs also contains a lot of the healthy fat that we want in our diet. -Bodybuilding Cutting Diet – 5th Food: Drink a lot of water, as not only is water healthy for your body (your body is made of about 60% of water) and provides energy, it also makes you want to eat less. -Bodybuilding Cutting Diet – 6th Food: Include some nuts, like almonds in your diet. But don’t eat too many of them as they are rich in calories as well.

Bodybuilding Cutting Diet – Tips Besides eating the right foods, you should also include cardio.

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Bearded dragon diet

These bugs could have parasites that could be passed on to your Beardie or they could have been exposed to poisons that could kill your Beardie. Alfalfa - called Lucerne in South Africa Turnip Greens Mustard Greens Collard Greens Watercress Dandelion - pesticide free Escarole Endive Occasionally mix in with the staple greens: Do NOT feed daily. Bok Choy (high in goitrogens) Chicory Clover Kale (high in goitrogens) Beet Greens (high in Oxalates and Phytates) Swiss Chard (high in Oxalates and Phytates) Rocket Cabbage (high in goitrogens) Carrot Tops (high in Oxalates and Phytates) Spinach (high in Oxalates and Phytates) Parsley leeks Herbs that can be fed: I personally mix them alternatively in per day. Any food with high amounts of vitamin A should be avoided as reptiles do not absorb a lot of vitamin A. Feeding your Beardie a lot foods such as Carrots will end up in a condition called Vitamin A toxicity which is deadly. List of recommended Vegetables Acorn Squash Bell Pepper Broccoli Butternut Squash Frozen Mixed Vegetables Grated Carrots Green Beans Okra Parsnips Peas Prickly pear Snow Peas Spaghetti Squash Squash Sweet Potato Yellow Squash Zucchini Here is a video of how you can get your dragon to LOVE veggies: http://reptile-parrots.com/forums/showthread.php?196-How-to-get-your-Dragon-to-Love-veggies-and-drink-water Fruits Fruits can also be used, just avoid any citrus fruit such as oranges and grape fruit. Proper hydration is very important in the health of a Beardie and is even more important to a sick Beardie. Any food with high amounts of vitamin A should be avoided, as reptiles do not absorb a lot of vitamin A.


Avoid These 4 Foods For Tinnitus Relief

The American Tinnitus Association states that while there is no actual tinnitus cure at this time, there are many ways to manage it. Here are some common foods and food additives that are known to make tinnitus worse. Try removing these four things from your diet and see if you get partial or even total tinnitus relief. Increase in blood pressure is directly linked to increased tinnitus. The next food to avoid is to stop tinnitus is sugar. When it falls the temporary lack of glucose to the ears can eventually cause tinnitus. Sugar can worsen tinnitus by causing an drenalin release, which causes vasoconstriction in the inner ear. They can be even worse for tinnitus and your general health than sugar! Aspartame causes damage to the nervous system and can cause tinnitus. So you need to stop your diet soda habit if you want to stop tinnitus. The last thing to avoid for tinnitus relief is the flavor enhancer Monosodium Glutamate, also known as MSG. This is another reason to avoid processed and pre-packaged food as much as possible for your general health and for tinnitus relief. You may have heard of "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome" where people develop headaches, break out in a sweat, and get flushed because of the high levels of MSG in some Chinese food. So if you are looking for ways to cure your tinnitus, reducing or eliminating these four culprits from your diet is a great place to start.


Are Your Food Choices Causing Your Cold Sores

The foods we eat can either cause or prevent cold sores. Nutrition is probably the least talked about in regard to cold sores but food is a very powerful cold sore treatment.This article does not offer specific recipes, but it does reveal the cold sore preventing foods. Many destroyed cells create the open ulcer we call a cold sore, fever blister or oral herpes outbreak.LYSINE AND ARGININE COLD SORE CONNECTIONArginine is an amino acid and the primary protein in the creation of herpes simplex virus. Foods that are high in lysine will help to stop and prevent cold sores because will store the excess lysine and force out the arginine.Food choices that contain higher levels of lysine are most meats - including fish, chicken, beef and turkey. 450 grams (one pound) of flounder gives you about 14,000 milligrams of lysine.FOOD THAT CAN CAUSE COLD SORESFood items that are higher in arginine than lysine can actually cause cold sores to occur. During a cold sore, most people take about 4000 milligrams spread throughout the day.Every person is different and must develop their own cold sore treatment program. Hopefully, by focusing on how lysine and arginine affects cold sore production, you will find your way to being cold sore free in no time.--Want more cold sore treatment ideas?


Top Foods that Help Relieve Hemroids

Below is the list of foods that you can start with to help relieve hemroids. Juices For hemroids, juices are appropriate, particularly the combination of dark berries such as blueberries, cherries and blackberries, and apples in equal proportion. Red and Black Currant Berries Currants are rich sources of rutin, minerals and vitamin C, and therefore, help in eliminating hemroids. Oils It is recommended to use flax seed oil, apple cider, olive oil and vinegar in your salads during each meal you take. Flax seed and olive oil can be used in soups or other appropriate food items, or you can take fish oil capsule at the completion of your meal, as it is considered to be must for everyday usage. You can consume the following items for reducing bleeding in hemroids: •Dark green leafy vegetables •Alfalfa •Flax seeds - These have high fiber content and also omega-3 oils that help in reducing pain and inflammation. In case, you have bleeding in hemroids, you can include lima beans in your diet, as it is really wonderful healing for bleeding hemroids. •Blackstrap molasses There are lots of remedies for giving you temporary hemroid relief by reducing the bleeding, swelling, and eliminating the itching.


Practical Ways To Get Rid Of Your Ovarian Cysts Pain Without Surgery

In case you are a woman that has the unlucky experience of living with an ovarian cyst, then you already know firsthand that the hardest part is the anguish. Fortunately there are some techniques that may help you out to remove your current ovarian cyst in a natural way and listed in this article are a number of them: Avoid Stress Stress is a known reason for getting ovarian cysts. Your painful ovarian cyst may be related with your eating habits, so the more junk food you eat, the chances your cyst will grow are higher. Research have shown that different diets like South Beach Diet, which is based off a low carbohydrate diet, may help to shrink your cyst and because of that it'll help you to get rid of your ovarian cyst pain quicker.

Manage Correct Hormonal Balance Hormonal imbalances are widely known as amongst the primary factors for ovarian cysts. Check out these reviews about Ovarian Cyst Miracle and the Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets Book By Laura Hennings and learn about popular and proven programs to treat ovarian cyst fast and naturally.



5 Ways to Prevent Miscarriage

However they don't exist without a cause.The delicate internal balance between hormones, nutrients and toxins in both partners determines what you will be passing onto the embryo and how your body will react to it.Be that as may the bottom line is - Healthy Couples are Fertile Couples!

Here are 5 ways you can minimize the risk of miscarriage and maximize your chances of taking home a healthy baby:1. Optimal preconception careOptimal preconception care started well before you try to conceive has been found to reduce most of the common causes of miscarriages.And remember if you want a complete guide with step-by-step instructions on how to boost your fertility naturally with exact therapeutic dosages of nutrients and food sources as well as dozens or more natural fertility strategies, see my "Essential Nutrients for Preconception and Pregnancy Chart" that's part of my "Natural Fertility Cures Program", only available at www.natural-fertility-cures.com© 2008 Iva Keene and Australian Natural Therapeutics WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEB SITE? If you want to get pregnant naturally, avoiding miscarriages, double the success rate of IVF if you must use it and have a healthy baby using natural fertility with exceptional success



5 Ways High Fiber Foods and Fiber Drinks Contribute to a Healthy Body

High fiber foods add to a healthy body in at least five different ways. Adding high fiber foods, fiber drinks and fiber supplements to the diet can aid in digestion, promote natural weight loss, and even lower risks for diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Over the past decade, experts have been claiming that most people do not get enough high fiber foods daily and that increasing the intake of fiber can have profound effects. While high fiber foods get chewed up and become smaller, the fiber is not absorbed into the blood stream. When high fiber foods are consumed and make their way to the stomach they mix with all the other food, slowing down the time it takes for nutrients to enter the blood stream One vital element that slows down is the absorption of sugar, which means it is absorbed into the blood stream at a more even pace, keeping the blood sugar levels from rising and falling too dramatically. The best sources of fiber are naturally high fiber foods, but there are good fiber supplements, too. Fiber drinks are another option and they can make it even easier to swallow the recommended daily amount of high fiber foods. He offers helpful resources for visitors to learn more about high fiber foods and fiber supplements.


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